Terms and Conditions


The Unseen (Becoming a Trading name of The Unseen Drama LLP from the 11th of December 2023. These terms and conditions remain the same for all bookings made previous to this date) provides support activities to the performing arts industry. Our training platform is located in central London and we support a team of exceptional drama tutors in the provision of high quality acting classes for students. Our online showcase provides the opportunity for Unseen actors to showcase their final pieces and be seen by industry professionals each month.

We make every attempt to try and provide as much flexibility to students as we can within the structure of the training.

  1. Lateness

    1. Doors to the school open at 9.00am. If a student arrives later than 9:45, they  will not be
      permitted entry. The afternoon class begins at 3.30pm and doors will be manned from 2.30pm to 3.30pm
      and will lock again at 3.30pm.

    2. If a student needs to leave a class early, they must let the tutors know in the morning to ensure
      they don’t disrupt any scene partners they may be working with on the day.

  2. Personal Belongings

    1. THE UNSEEN is not held liable for any loss, damage or theft to student’s belongings.

    2. As classes are held in a shared building, items must not be left unattended at any time.

  3. Social Media

    1. If a student takes photographs or videos during the class, showcase, or other performances involved
      with THE UNSEEN, they must ask for permission from the people involved before posting anything to
      social media. We maintain a safe space policy for both beginner as well as professional working
      actors and so failure to do this may result in the student being asked to leave the school.

    2. If a student is working on a project that has been written by the director, they must not post
      anything to social media without permission.

    3. If students have been given permission to upload work produced by the school to social media, they
      must credit THE UNSEEN and the director involved.

  4. Privacy

    1. THE UNSEEN encourage students to only participate in exercises and scenes they feel comfortable with.

    2. The student is entirely free to refuse participation in an exercise or scene at any given time.

    3. If a student is being filmed for a project e.g. a monologue or scene work, the student will be sent
      the footage and have full rights of use. By partaking in the course, the student hereby agrees that
      THE UNSEEN will also hold ownership of the footage, and the footage may be used for promotional
      purposes for the actor and the school.

  5. Showcase

    1. Showcases are strictly reserved for current students.

    2. Under no circumstance are students guaranteed a spot to perform in any showcases. However every
      student will be encouraged to submit and develop their pieces with feedback from a course tutor or
      industry professional. Due to the frequent nature of our showcases we make every attempt to showcase
      all students but as it’s an industry audience we feel ensuring pieces are in the best state before
      showcasing is important to both students and the school.

    3. The attendance of classes, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard are a key part of the showcase
      selection process. The course director has the final input on who is chosen to perform.

    4. Any live showcases or events are for industry guests and club members only. This means that family
      and friends will not be able to attend unless otherwise agreed and arranged with the course

  6. Fees and Absence

    1. All school fees paid to THE UNSEEN acting school are non-refundable including deposits without
      exception. We have a large waiting list so please ensure you are 100% committed before reserving a
      space as we need to turn away other students when bookings are made.

    2. The student is liable for the full amount stated in the ‘Prices’ section.

    3. From July 15th 2022 we will no longer be crediting back classes due to positive Covid test results.

    4. There is a maximum of 2 absences for each student per 6-week term. For avoidance of doubt these
      will only be credited back in line with point 6.3.

    5. The Unseen will send a welcome email during the week prior to a student’s start date. It is the
      responsibility of the student to get in contact if they have not received this prior to the first
      day of training to settle fees and gain class information.

    6. Full payment must be received prior to a student starting classes. If a student has not paid full
      fees or arranged to move their course start date by the cut off time prior to their start date then
      they will lose their first session. If making a late payment they will still be able to attend the
      remaining sessions after any classes that have already passed from the agreed start date.

    7. The Unseen may at their discretion allow students to move their course start date once and the remaining fees will need to be paid prior to the agreed start date.

    8. The Unseen does not credit back classes in the case of travel or union strikes that may make travel for students living outside of London difficult. We are based in central London and rely on having a robust travel network available with numerous travelling options.

  7. General

    1. Inappropriate behaviour towards tutors and fellow students will not be tolerated, and may result in the student being removed from the premises and dismissed from attending future classes.

    2. THE UNSEEN is an over 18 school. Any student found to be under this age will be asked to leave. Course fees cannot be refunded in this case.

    3. There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol on the premises.

    4. Students caught carrying dangerous or offensive weapons will be immediately dismissed from the premises and banned from attending future classes.

    5. THE UNSEEN will not tolerate discrimination and harassment against any individual at any given time.

    6. Students are required to have an encouraging and supportive attitude to fellow students and tutors during their time studying at THE UNSEEN. This means that students must refrain from talking or making unnecessary noise during other student’s performances.

    7. The Unseen uses Whatsapp groups to provide regular information about showcase dates and other events. Students are free to join by scanning a barcode onsite (but not required to do so) and opt out of this at any time and can ask staff for date information at their weekend classes. Whatsapp does not currently offer an option to hide mobile phone numbers so students must be aware of this. The Whatsapp groups are carefully curated by administrators and all students are expected to adhere to administrators rules and requests at all time. Students may be removed at any time.

    8. The Unseen reserves the right to refuse admission to classes to any student at any time.

    9. The offer to move any course start date is at The Unseen’s discretion and will require remaining fee payments to ensure that multiple non-attendance fees are not incurred.

  8. Nature of courses

    1. Since the courses at The Unseen are ‘rolling’ students are encouraged to renew if they wish to stay. This means that there is always a mixture of abilities in the classes.

    2. The intermediate/advanced classes are held side by side with the beginner/intermediate classes. These are optional once a transferral is agreed so please do not ask to attend the advanced sessions unless you feel ready to move in to more advanced techniques. Students may be moved between class levels at any time.

    3. Intermediate students in both beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced groups will be monitored weekly to assess movement between classes based on performance. This will be conducted by our observation team and tutors and names will suggested weekly for movement.

    4. Applications directly to the intermediate/advanced groups for new students will only be considered when accompanied by a showreel for assessment.

    5. The Unseen is a school for everyone and we reserve the right to determine which students should be studying at which level based on our own internal team’s opinions. We do not hold auditions and place students as well as move students between levels as we determine appropriate.

  9. Cancellation by The Unseen

    1. Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme The Unseen reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any course availability for new bookings.

    2. If The Unseen is forced to close the school for any reason, including by government instruction then all courses and prepaid classes will be placed on hold until we are given instruction to resume activities.

    3. If London is placed into Government lockdown we will move sessions online through ‘Zoom’ meetings. This is in line with other educational institutions. We may also provide the option of placing courses on hold if students prefer this to training online.

  10. Public Holidays and building closure

    As in point 9.2, we will be closed on major holidays in-line with the closing of the building. Any remaining
    classes will carry across to the next available date once the building has been reopened.

  11. During lockdown due to Covid-19 (18th April 2020 – 18th April 2021 ammendment –
    this will apply to all future lockdowns from 2021-onwards)

    Please note during this time that The Unseen has introduced a system of pre-recorded classes, online
    showcases and feedback via Whatsapp messaging. While we follow guidance from the Government, we will be
    building on these resources and all of our existing and prebooked students will be given access. The online
    materials will be included in existing courses and remaining sessions will remain on hold until live classes
    can resume. This will be the case for all bookings made prior to June 1st 2020, but may change after this

    Class times and door opening times are due to change during the period of any pandemic so please stay
    up to date with these changes which will posted regularly.