About us

Solly Mcleod an alumni of The Unseen Drama School and now a client of Unseen Talent Management

About us

The Unseen is a new kind of drama school for adults (18+) that is  dedicated to providing the highest level of training, developing acting tools with a very individual approach and creating real opportunities for talent to access the industry. With our focus on nurturing fresh voices and encouraging diverse talent, we are partnered with some of the biggest agencies in both the UK and US. Every class combines the expertise of our partner tutors with the support of our excellent associate tutors, most of whom teach at other top acting and drama schools across the UK.

The proof is in the pudding and with a growing number of our students winning major roles in both television and film for the major streaming services and studios while many continuing to be represented by our management division, we believe this defines us as a school dedicated to excellence and opportunity while remaining affordable to everyone.

Our Vision

At The Unseen acting school our mission is to bring out the most natural, truthful and intriguing performances from our students. Focusing on helping our actors to develop their ‘unique thumbprint’. All classes and our industry leading monthly showcase submission feedback are overseen internally by Unseen founder and senior partner Arjun Rose (manager to Archie Renaux and Solly Mcleod).

Our acting classes combine various exercises from the most established acting techniques with fully directed sessions, self tape filming and high end masterclasses to create fully immersive experiences. We then dedicate our time to free one on one sessions via online platforms and preliminary showcase development notes through messaging designed to develop pieces and bring out the best in everyone.

It is our long term goal to help our students secure powerful representation partners and add momentum to their career paths. 


With a proven track record for developing exciting talent, we have developed excellent relationships with the industry and frequently get approached directly for projects. Students work on their pieces during their course and receive two rounds of feedback from the senior partner ‘Arjun Rose’ as well as external grading/examination areas from established agents.

The Unseen focuses on the energy flow of an actor to determine the best strategy for improving their skills. This method recognises that every actor is different, and that different approaches may be needed to help each individual unlock their full potential. By carefully observing the energy flow of an actor, we can identify areas where they may be blocking their own performance, and advise them on how to release that blockage and allow their natural talent to shine. This approach is not only effective, but it also helps to create a positive and supportive environment in which actors can grow and develop their skills.

For anyone who has followed our journey and success stories they will know that our showcase feedback is a key part of our teaching process and what we do. Feedback is two tier including both preliminary as well as final and this is combined with external marking from guest agents and casting industry professionals. We then broadcast our student’s developed pieces to casting directors, agents, producers and directors after grading. The entire process is supported by a team of specialist tutors that enable a fluid and adaptable approach to group development.

The Team

The philosophy of making training available to everyone depends on our hugely experienced partners leading the way, supported by carefully selected associate tutors all of who teach at other major drama schools in London and a host of established guest tutors including actors, agents and casting directors. (*We are constantly adding to and adapting our team)

To support our senior tutor  and associate tutors, our in-house course management and facilitation team includes:

Lucy Olivia and Oliver Moulden (Partner). Oliver has been meticulously trained and mentored by the founder of the school for over 5 years, ensuring a transfer of expertise and philosophy that stands at the core of our institution.

Our associate tutor team includes:

Samara, Richard, Rob, Lizzie, Larry, Aimee, Roisin and George. 


Our professional assessment and feedback team is provided by Arjun Rose who oversees the school’s dynamic showcase presentations, provides insightful feedback in a professionally developed format and spearheads both the comprehensive online support system and midweek assistance. All of this is accompanied by an element of scoring coming each month from a reputable agent at a top talent agency. 

Our industry leading monthly showcase is overseen by The Unseen’s partners who provides both preliminary tape feedback as well as comprehensive final showcase feedback. Showcases also receive external grading from established agents and casting directors. We communicate directly with talent agents to push strong performers and also leverage the Soho House Unseen film festival to showcase new talent to industry in partnership with Soho House and Electric cinemas.

If we feel a student is at a sufficient standard and has materials to show then we are happy to recommend for spotlight membership. The minimum study for this is 6 blocks of 6 weeks.