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New! 2021 in Review X The Unseen!
Nick Smith reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

The Unseen is continuingly teaching me the ability to tap into the deeper areas of myself that I previously wasn't able to access, their personal approach to unlocking you as a person has been invaluable to not just my acting, but also my day to day functioning.

Tutors work in a professional manner whilst keeping an air of calm in the room and I continuously feel like I am becoming a better version of myself each week.

Richard Tell reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

A fantastic course taught by two of the most intelligent people you could hope to work with. It's a place that handles your time with the utmost sincerity and it embraces it's pupils like family. No matter what kind of actor you are, or what kind of experience you may have, you will always find your place within the Unseen. They offer clear, concise and constructive criticism that will be highly beneficial for anyone hoping to forge a career in the industry. Their tremendous patience and willingness to help nurture talent of all ages is very rare to find in the industry. Joining the Unseen has had a huge impact on me as a person.

Olivia Marie reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

The Unseen has taught me so much about myself as an actress but also on a personal level. Each week brings a new challenge whether it's monologues, scripted pieces or improv and the team will never stop helping and advising. As for the other actors, I have to say I have never felt judged when performing a piece, only ever supported. There's a real warmth to the group and I am so excited about all of the opportunities now presenting themselves. Thank you Unseen! X

Jenny Cvetoshenko reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

I have only been coming to the Unseen for the past 6 months but feel like I have learned an incredible amount about acting , as well as myself in this short amount of time. Whether it's improvisation , script work or monologues we're working on - it's always challenging! On top of the amazing training , the tutors provide us with so many opportunities such as showcases, it really is an amazing school to be part of !

Marina Tapakoudes reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

This is a school where you can get the best out of you. You will slowly begin to discover yourself in different ways and discover techniques and skills you didn't know you had. A good opportunity to keep your hand in and get some great opportunities.

Jerome Lister reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

I've only just joined the Unseen recently but let me tell you! I'm absolutely loving it. The tutors make a great mentoring partnership in helping up and coming actors own their skills when it comes to group work or just even one on one sessions, such as helping us make real use of emotion from any text and learning how to bounce that energy off of each person in the room in order to get a real feel of the character, I could be here all day talking about how good these guys are.

They not only provide us with brilliant facilities to work in but to add to that they offer amazing opportunities through their showcase nights where a select few can show off their talents to well known agencies and casting directors, now how good does that sound! Honestly if you come down to the Unseen you won't regret it.

Leonie Simone reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

I have been part of the Unseen since October 2016 and I love it. I have learnt so much about the craft of acting and having the chance to perform each week has helped my confidence to grow. The Unseen offers so many opportunities, I look forward to continuing to learn, enjoying the company of some amazing talent and being supported and inspired by the teachers.

Natalie Rose Edwards reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

The unseen has taught me valuable acting techniques and industry knowledge. Working with talented actors and teachers each week in a friendly open environment has helped me develop and learn so much about myself as an actor and also explore more of what I'm passionate about!

Jelissa Ashley Campbell reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

My first term at the Unseen and every week I’ve learned more than other acting workshops I’ve been to. Grown each week as an actress. Definitely recommend joining!

Zafran Ahmed reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

Really insightful to a range of techniques. They really show you how to use different techniques in effective ways, and just from going to one lesson I feel like a much better actor than when I first went in.

Katie Berry
 reviewed Theunseen — 5 star
Taught by two amazing teachers with lots of great advice! I have only been going for 3 weeks and already I have learnt so much.

Barbara Gianazza reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

Incredible group of talented people - guided by dedicated, full of knowledge and inspiring tutors. Different stories and backgrounds, working together with commitment and love. A place where acting is taken seriously, where acting is seen as a way of living. Every week the sessions are deep, powerful and engaging. There is never a lost second.

I've tried many different teachers/schools/methods, but I've never experienced so much growth and fulfilment like I'm experiencing now. And I've never woke up early on weekends with so much joy and energy.

Fify Farida Lowe reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

Started a couple of weeks ago and I can honestly say I'm genuinely learning so much, I can't really get enough tbh the teachers are amazing and very helpful and understanding and I can't wait to see what they have planned for us next, I signed up for 6 weeks but will probably continue as I think it's worth it. Thank you Unseen team. X I highly recommend this class!

Ashleigh Cole reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

I normally wouldn't enjoy getting up early on a Saturday morning but for the unseen it's worth it! The classes are fun and friendly and it's a safe space to experiment with ideas. The tutors always give helpful feedback and are real experts in the industry. You know you're in good hands!

Henry Lewis reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

Utterly Fantastic! A course that's like no other!

Taiwo Lema reviewed Theunseen — 5 star

I had an absolutely amazing experience at with The Unseen drama group. So far I've learnt loads; never thought I could grow this much in the 5 weeks I've been a part of the group so far.