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The Talent Management company Unseen Talent Management (UTM) looks to manage actors, connecting emerging talent to the right talent agencies. UTM works with some of the top agencies in the world.

We are very proud to say that all of the signings to UTM and many outside of UTM have trained and emerged from the drama school, which we feel is proof of our dedication to excellence and opportunity.

Our showcase feedback is provided monthly by guest agents and casting directors at the some of the most established,  prestigious agencies in the UK and US.  As a separate entity UTM bases it’s representation decisions on the requirements and opinions of their internal team. The sharing of the name Unseen by both our acting school and the ‘Unseen Talent Management’ company symbolises both of our commitment to uncovering and promoting unseen talent.

Unseen Talent Management Clients

(This list includes UTM clients and does not include all actors signed from our monthly showcases)

Archie Renaux

Unseen Talent Management (Arjun Rose) /The Artists
Partnership/Luber Roklin

Former student turned Unseen management client Archie Renaux stars as a lead role in the new Alien movie ‘Romulus’ directed by Fede Alvarez which is widely slated to be one of the biggest summer blockbusters of 2024. He is best known for playing lead role of Mal in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone and recently starred in The World’s Greatest Beer Run opposite Zak Efron, Bill Murray and Russell Crowe as well as Catherine Called Birdy for Amazon. Archie made his debut in Gold digger for BBC 1 alongside Ben Barnes.

Solly McLeod

Unseen Talent Management (Arjun Rose)/CAA/
The Artists Partnership

Former student turned Unseen management client Solly Mcleod plays a leading role in  Viggo Mortensen’s western The Dead Don’t Hurt. Solly has recently starred in House ofThe Dragon, The Rising, Boxing Day and is the titular lead in Mammoth’s Tom Jones for ITV and PBS.

Rocky Gharu

Unseen Talent Management /
Denton Brierley

Rocky has recently starred in Gassed Up for Amazon and will be appearing in a new highly anticipated
show for Channel 4 as well as Sally Wood’s upcoming feature Hooked.

Sinead Harnett

Unseen Talent Management/
Luber Roklin

Hannah Warrington

Unseen Talent Management

Portia Williams

Unseen Talent Management/
Pantheon Talent/Luber Roklin

Natalie Pritchard

Unseen Talent Management/
Independent Talent

Georgia Ryan

Unseen Talent Management

Oli Moulden

Unseen Talent Management