The Unseen is a different kind of acting school

The buzzword for 2017 and beyond in acting is 'Different'. Casting directors are looking for the next big thing, fresh voices who are able to bring language alive in a less 'overly crafted and laboured' fashion. For the past 2 years we have held that exact vision in mind for our training and our students and our flexible and inclusive approach to traditional acting methodologies is the exact reason that we are the fastest growing acting school in the UK.

So what do we teach?


Our current format incorporates a morning of psycho-physical movement techniques, exercising the undeniable connection between the body and psychology. Imagination principles generate various sensations and emotions leading the actor to truthful expressions.


The late morning to early afternoon session focuses on selected scene work with partners. Students learn how to apply actioning principles, gestures and their acting tools to scenes, which are then performed to the class. Our course tutors provide full feedback and direction which students incorporate and then re-perform to ensure progress.

Late afternoon

The late afternoon focuses on subconscious creation, drawing from two schools, one premised on the Stanislavsky approach to method acting and the other focusing on Meisner. Both are used to encourage spontaneity and discover 'real' impulse beyond the ego centre “to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances”.


*please be aware that the schedule can be changed at any time and we vary sessions frequently so this is purely a guideline.