1. Fees and Absence

1.1) All school fees paid to THE UNSEEN acting school are non-refundable.

1.2) The student is liable for the full amount stated in the ‘Prices’ section.

1.3) If a student requires a day of absence during the 6 week term, they must provide at least 1 weeks notice, in which case the day can be taken at the end of the 6 week term.

1.4) There is a maximum of 2 absences for each student per 6 week term.


  1. Lateness

2.1) Due to the nature of the morning session, all students must arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of each class.

2.2) If a student arrives later than 10:00, they may be refused entry into the morning session.

2.3) If a student needs to leave a class early, they must let the tutors know in the morning to ensure they don’t disrupt any scene partners they may be working with on the day.


  1. Personal Belongings

3.1) THE UNSEEN is not held liable for any loss, damage or theft to students belongings. 3.2) As classes are held in a shared building, items must not be left unattended at any time.


  1. Social Media

Students are encouraged to use social media to promote the school, however the following rules apply:

4.1) If a student takes photographs or videos during the class, showcase, or other performances involved with THE UNSEEN, they must ask for permission from the people involved before posting anything to social media.

4.2) If a student is working on a project that has been written by the director, they must not post anything to social media without permission.

4.3) If students have been given permission to upload work produced by the school to social media, they must credit THE UNSEEN and the director involved.

4.4) The Unseen uses Whatsapp groups to share course information and general conversation. Students are under no obligation to be a part of this and may remove themselves at any time. In the case of not being part of the Whatsapp groups the students should keep in contact directly with other students and the course administrator to stay informed on any announcements out of class.


  1. Privacy

5.1) THE UNSEEN encourage students to only participate in exercises and scenes they feel comfortable with.

5.2) The student is entirely free to refuse participation in an exercise or scene at any given time.

5.3) If a student is being filmed for a project e.g. a monologue or scene work, the student will be sent the footage and have full rights of use. By signing this enrolment form, the student hereby agrees that THE UNSEEN will also hold ownership of the footage, and the footage may be used for promotional purposes for the actor and the school.


  1. One to One Sessions

6.1) THE UNSEEN provide one to one sessions with an experienced student. These sessions are intended for general acting related discussion and feedback.

6.2) At times the course leader will make days available to conduct one to one discussions for feedback purposes.


  1. Showcase

7.1) Showcases are strictly reserved for current students.

7.2) Under no circumstance are students guaranteed a spot to perform in the monthly showcase.

7.3) The attendance of classes, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard are a key part of the showcase selection process. The course director has the final input on who is chosen to perform.


  1. General

8.1) Inappropriate behavior towards tutors and fellow students will not be tolerated, and may result in the student being removed from the premises and dismissed from attending future classes.

8.2) All students must ensure mobile phones are switched of at the beginning of the class.

8.3) There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol at THE UNSEEN.

8.4) Students caught carrying dangerous or offensive weapons will be immediately dismissed from the premises and banned from attending future classes.

8.5) THE UNSEEN will not tolerate discrimination and harassment against any individual at any given time.

8.6) Students are required to have an encouraging and supportive attitude to fellow students and tutors during their time studying at THE UNSEEN.